Being Your Own Champion


“You have to be your own champion, fighting and kicking your way through life’s challenges”.
How right you are.

They say that inspiration can be found when you’re least expecting it. Well, allow me to share the brilliant words of a friend that inspired my article this week.

I suppose we all have a friend in which boundaries, pleasantries, and personal space simply do not exist. For that I am grateful. I was woken up last week by a very dear friend. She smiled as she let herself in, the shocked look on my face only lasting a moment because, I know, well this is normal for us. We began catching up as it had been weeks since I last saw her. She asked simply, “Ash, how are you?” Hmm… four simple words not so easily answered. I began catching her up on the happenings of my life, the details of which I’m afraid I cannot get into. She sat patiently, allowing me to go on and on until I finally took a breath. Looking up, confirming that I was finished with my soliloquy, she pondered my words. Never one for too many words she stated simply with a gentle smile,

“I’m proud of you. You did what was best for you. You have to be your own champion. You have to do what is best and healthiest for you,”.

She went on to tell me what was new with her and the conversation began to shift. She shared with me her fears of the change of weather. Like so many individuals, the transition from fall to winter can be mentally and emotionally devastating. I have seen this first hand from loved ones and those individuals I worked with over the past two and a half years. This is not a means of seeking attention. This isn’t a production that they put on and we have to stop thinking like that! I admit, this is something that I’m quite passionate about.

Instead of blaming these individuals, mocking them or discounting their struggles, we need to become part of their support systems and the solution.

If you know me beyond the words of my Odyssey page, you know that the following is a concept very near and dear to me. You are the individual who is control of your life. You are the pilot, not the co-pilot. You and you alone have to be your best support, the biggest cheerleader and champion. If you’re among the lucky ones, you have a great support system. Do not take that for granted. Not everyone does. Here is where people make a dangerous mistake. I am writing these words to try and ensure that you don’t as well. Do not place your happiness and safety into the hands of anyone else!

Believe me, I know first hand just how tempting this offer can be. To allow others to take away your pain, your struggles.

Lean on these people when times get tough. Allow them to be your anchor. The people who help to stabilize you. Beyond that, I have to be honest with you and you may not want to hear it. However, you need to. Pull your hair back, put on your sneakers and your boxing gloves and prepare for battle. No one will love and fight for you as much as you can and should. Chin up and await the ring of the bell and give it everything you’ve got!